Who’s that chick?

7 Dec



because Lana Del Rey is here for you to chase, to stalk and to act as a crazy psycho fan.
Haters, I swear there is a lot of material for you too !!!
And you’ll see why! Mwahahaha!

Collage - Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Grant, 26 years old, was born in New York.
She is owner of one of the most powerful voices you’ll probably hear in your whole life!
Her father is a millionaire business person and that’s why she was already fabulously rich before fame.
She changed her name into Lana Del Rey.. Some people say its a mix of an actress’ name and a car’s name.
Others say she took the name borrowed from a childhood friend.
Fans or wise people, come clear this up!
She rocked the internet with a “home video” called Video Games. Check it out!
YouTube, you made it again! You turned Lana into a phenomenon promising singer.
Hypnotist lips, beautiful, cult, cool, vintage and classic are some of the adjectives that make Lana be the face of the NOW.

collage 2 - Lana

However, what easy comes can easy go.
Lana‘s performance on Saturday Night Live was…disastrous.
She strummed, barely moved .. And gave arguments to those who didn’t swallow her up since the beggining.
She said she can be nervous sometimes. Yeah, we are humans people! Theoretically.

Other polemic points:

    • People say that her father helped her to raise in music industry.
    •  They say she is FAKE because she looks really different from who she used to be.                                                                                   I tell you, people: there’s still hope for every one of us. 



  •  She made a CD before Born to Die, when she still was Lizzy Grant but.. Lana Del Rey dominated everything and made the CD’s disappear from the map  Sinister, dudes!
  • Her famous lips were different when she was Lizzy and plastic experts say they are also fake Silicone, we love youuuu!


  • She sings in a unique way.. Or in a boring way. It depends on your point of view.


STOP the talk, YourFashionSelf!

The thing is:

She is loved by a thousand people. Hated by a thousand more.



Born To Die, her 2012 CD is out there for you to give your verdict.

What do YOU think?


One Response to “Who’s that chick?”

  1. nuasecruasblog 12/08/2012 at 4:46 AM #

    Wow, how many things I learned now!

    I am open-mouthed!

    But she was really beautiful with this new mouth!


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