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I want a top knot, please. Bigger. I mean HUGE, please!

1 Dec

Hello, ladies!

Did you realize how exaggerated our world is these days?
Maxi dress, maxi necklace, maxi drama, maxi blah blah blah…
Amy Winehouse rest in peace, forever muse! once said that the more she got insecure the bigger she wanted her beehive hair!

I don’t really know if girls are insecure or just want to get the entire attention of the whole world
BUT I know that HIGH (repeating: high!) hair coke is the new fashion hair trend.

You can use it when you are glamorous to go party with your friends or when you are going to buy coffee looking
scary ugly wearing your pajamas.
Whatever, you choose it!

Here goes a selection of the best ones i swear those girls actually bullied their hairdressers to make the perfect top knot :



We also have the colorful and full of attitude ones:


And the charming upgraded ones:


And the top knots we do just to face the day. And our day is just a mess sometimes… right, Miley? I mean..you dont need to worry as long as you are looking like Ellen Degeneres


And we discovered where the top knot tradition came from!
It came from… dadada… THEM:


Of course it’s only a joke! I hope Sumo fighters don’t come after me

But really, girlie…
Be reasonable and know that it’s supposed to be on your head and not on your forehead


Got it ? Then enjoy it!


Girl, put your mustache on!

1 Dec


Yeah, that’s right! Mustache is for girls now!
p.s. Let’s clear this up : not literally, ok? Unless if you want to look ¬†freak¬†different
If you’re not up to WHY mustache is everywhere I’m going to tell you how it started.
It’s pretty simple:
1) Awesome boys that wanted to contribute with the mustache tradition started a movement called MOVEMBER. Movember is because it started in November. And it is a movement. Movement + November. Got it ?
Clever, uh?
2) After Movember the cutesy mustache became the symbol of the fight against prostate cancer

3) Now you can see different girls using mustache everywhere: clothes, shoes, necklaces, cups of coffee and whatever the heck you can imagine.


Actually now you can see PUPPIES WEARING IT:


Look at this lazy cat!!!!


Baby, you don’t need to cry… I swear it’ll grow in your face naturally.
However, you won’t be this cute little baby but a heart breaker that make girls cry.. OK FOCUS!


It’s just such a delicious trend that even makes me want to eat it!:


And OMG.. Even IT has IT :


THE SAD thing is that most of the people don’t know that it is not only a fashion new trend. It can be the hope’s proof of the man who still believe in LIFE!

Let’s support daddies, friends, boyfriends and all the other peeps that need our love and care

ABUSE it cause… IT IS MAGIC!

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